What’s my best option to avenge a sociopath?

Updated 15 July 2012

Read this thoroughly. By the time you reach the end, you will hopefully realize that “avenge” is the worst thing you can do.  Your best option can be summed-up very briefly — leave town.

If anyone else encourages you to take on the sociopath, supporting you by saying you can do it — distance yourself from him or her, too.  Don’t argue, just distance. The risk you’d be incurring is far beyond whatever solace you think you’d gain.

You do not want to know how evil and vindictive a sociopath can get if you present yourself as a risk to them.  It will begin faster than you can back down. Whether they are family, or close friends you’ve had your entire life … they have no limits, whatsoever.  Nothing will keep them from using anything at their disposal.

They know many ways to destroy you — ways that would prove unimaginable. And there’s just one way for you to find out — go ahead and take them on.  It will be the biggest regret of your lifetime.

By then, you’ll begin to believe you never knew this person, because as a sociopath, you never did — it was only their persona. Trust me on this: your life will never be the same. If you are indeed dealing with a sociopath, you must place your loved ones as the top priority for their safety and welfare, as well as your own.

Please, listen to us, read the comments written by the site’s visitors, those who have been victimized. They’ve been through it all, as I have. Take it from those of us who have wished someone could have warned us like we are trying to warn you — keep walking, and do not look back.

And NEVER EVER  go back.


If you are like the majority, you can not believe what you just read; and hence, you seriously doubt the legitimacy of it. We were no different. I’ve included two scenarios.


Scenario #1

To begin this virtual encounter, let’s make you invincible and intimidating — that will make it super tough for you to lose, right?  :D

WRONG: It’ll give you absolutely no advantage
but please play along, OK?

At six-foot-five, you were the all-star linebacker right up through college … no one in their right mind messed with you. So why on earth would you just stand by and allow this petite little “lady” to take manipulate you, use you, and endlessly lie to you. You don’t see any of it, do you?!

Don’t you see the RED FLAGS? You’re being played a fool, and my gut tells me she’s not playing any innocent courting game with you, either. I’ve seen her when you haven’t, my friend, and that tiny little gal scares me. I see two different people in that body, and they don’t seem to know each other. That’s how she’s got you suckered. Wake up, man! Get your head out of those clouds, or you’ll never get it back the same … never.

Those who know how evil a malicious sociopath can be, are usually the ones who have already been wounded for life. Don’t allow others to think for you. Face value is no-value. Never drop your guard. The most successful sociopaths have mastered their skills, blend into the party as the most likable people around, and are there for a specific purpose. Whatever it is, they’ll accomplish it.

Have you determined you’re in a place that you need to get out of?

Be very careful …

Avenge Analysis A

1 Do you have an escape plan in the works?

2 Have you considered all the possible ramifications? Like these? …

3 Have you considered you will be facing someone who has no limitations in how they plan to completely destroy you? That the harder you try to take them down, the harder you, yourself, will fall? Can you imagine someone who will let nothing get in their way … not one thing, and all without a hint of remorse?

4 Will there be a trial, such as a divorce? Do you believe you’ll have an advantage because you carry all the truth and you’ll be in a court room? To them, taking the stand under oath is simply showtime. They know how to manipulate the court system, and that’s one of their most efficient weapons against you.

They believe they have nothing to lose, because, so far, they’ve never lost. You are just another in a long line of victims that will be used for as long as you offer value, and then be discarded. If they think you may be a threat someday, based on what you learned, they won’t let you go without destroying you first.

This is how they run their lives every day. What they can do to you is beyond anything you’ve ever considered. Just remember that this person is saving their most evil attack for you when you least expect it.

5 The sooner you realize what you are truly up against, the better chance you’ll have to avoid the evil they are ready to tear you down with. And if the threat comes from someone you had once considered a close friend, a family member, or an ex-lover (married or not) … don’t expect favors because of those connections … just the opposite.

From my experience, there’s a good chance those connections will play against you. The sooner you realize that it was all a malicious farce, it was entirely faked, and that you never really knew the person other than what they acted out for you … the sooner you accept that true reality, that’s when you will see your fate.

You didn’t know this, but you were always expendable and disposable. Their daily lives are spent focused on controlling you and others. As soon as you skip all the other exercises above and focus on your escape plan, you’ll have the best chance to avoid the shocking evil that this vile individual has prepared to unload upon you.

You cannot allow it to begin, or it will never stop. You must be pro-active now. If you believe that your situation could turn violent, or already has, your number ONE responsibility is YOU. Keep you and your loved ones safe. That may mean you will need to move away … be prepared.

6 So, first-things-first — have you completed your escape strategy?

Avenge Analysis B

Do you still believe the danger is over-blown?

If after reading the above scenario, you are still not convinced of the danger posed by a harmless-looking sociopath, the following may add some credence. Below is a much more candid and extreme scenario, though still a very realistic possibility of the victim’s risks. The contributing factors would include the sociopath’s own instability, his history of unknown illegal and immoral activities, and how the sociopath sees you within his own risk comfort level.

Just ask yourself if you’d want to risk pissing off someone who is void of any feelings, someone who has never experienced even the slightest sense of remorse, regret or shame for the extremely malicious, and sometimes violent attacks he has unleashed upon others. Whether his fears about you can be justified, or are completely fueled by paranoia, it’s all the same to him. He now considers you the biggest risk to his future; hence, you just became #1 on his “to-do” list.

Do you really want to go there?

No matter who you are, how powerful you are, what profession you’re in, how smart you think you are, how many friends you have, no matter what you think or what anyone tells you, the odds are entirely against your success.

A sociopath has no limits, whatsoever. Additionally, this sociopath has an enormous amount of fabricated deception and bad deeds to protect from his history. You know virtually nothing about what else he’s done. Yet, your own risk level is directly proportionate to the other bad deeds he’s perpetrated — so you do not even have a hint as to what your risk level is.  Does “drive by” take on a different meaning here?

What he knows all too well, yet you don’t have a clue of, is his own history of bad deeds. Getting your vindication would be the same as he being completely exposed as a sociopath … he’ll never let that happen; he can’t let it happen if he wants to live freely.

Obviously, exposure would not be anything this sociopath would easily accept. Chances are, you would have been reported missing some time ago, and your sociopath would be on to other projects. His public persona is gold to him. He must make sure it stays in place, and keeps that shine.

You have become a real threat to his warped sanctity.

If he gets clued-in that you’re planning something, he will not wait to go on the defensive. He knows what is at risk — something you don’t — and he’ll begin with, what I call, offensive-revenge.

Your success would lead to destroying his life, and potentially incarceration. Depending on what would be revealed about his past, such as white-collar crimes, he would have everything to lose. So there’s another thing he knows quite well, but you don’t have a clue — the gravity of his past deeds.

What would happen to him if you were successful in your vindication and exposure?  If guilty of white-collar crimes, he could theoretically be sentenced to multiple prison terms, essentially making it a life sentence, similar to how Bernard Madoff will finish the rest of his life. That nice little old man, Bernie Madoff, was able to convince investors — from elderly widows, to large international investment firms — to hand over huge amounts of investment capital, to the tune of US$50,000,000,000.00 (fifty billion dollars) to one little old man, who spent it freely on a lavish lifestyle with his wife. He’d party with those he stole from. He never showed remorse.

Do not take this lightly.

You will be risking emotional suicide, if not more. There is nothing I can give you as a comparison, because there is truly nothing that even comes close to the utter determination of success, the elimination of any obstacles, his maliciously-evil drive for offensive-revenge, his complete lack of any feelings as to how he will destroy you, what he will do to accomplish it, and how it will leave you.

continued: What you don’t know about your sociopath.

NOTE: I use the male gender (e.g., he, him, etc.) throughout this post. Please understand, though, that women afflicted with the same personality disorders (also referred to as sociopaths or psychopaths) are fully capable of being equally, if not more malicious, dangerous, and ruthless. The most evil sociopaths in my life are female.

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  1. I have lived through HELL with my adult sociopathic daughter.
    When she was a child, she would steal items. Thinking it was something she’d outgrow…it continued to this day….she is now almost 31 years old with 2 daughters.

    She was diagnosed as a sociopath at age 17 through family therapy and testing. At first, ODD…then the sociopathic traits..later.

    She abused drugs, skipped, school, lied constantly, had pictures taken of her while naked by boys, was admitted into mental health and 2 rehabs followed shortly after.

    Finally, I put her in a religious home for wayward girls and boys. She was there for two years. I visited her often and had counselling sessions as well. She finally got her GED and headed off to college.

    Fast forward; She graduated from college but I was not invited, then she gets pregnant, breaks up with the “father” and gets pregnant two more times shortly after graduating. I tried to get temporary custody of my first grand due to my daughter using drugs…to no avail. She married the father to prevent me from accomplishing that feat.

    Her marriage was awful. He stayed mad at her all the time due to her lying. I had warned him, but love prevails. She even told two other men that they were the father of her second child. Her husband was aware but signed the birth certificate anyway.

    They are now separated but she has found a super nice guy to con. He tries to rehabilitate her, as he puts it. Sad huh?

    Last January I went into the hospital with the flu. I almost died due to many organ failures and was unconscious for about 4 weeks. While I was there, my daughter stole my car keys out of my bag, took my car, entered my home, and lived large.

    When I finally came home 7 weeks later, I was told some things that she had done. It wasn’t until August when I found out more. Apparently she wanted me to die as she lied to the doctors about me…such as being depressed. They doped me up on meds I had never heard of. Keep me almost a zombie. She told them I abused drugs too. Projection is what comes to mind.

    She stole close to $80,000 dollars from me. I had cash hidden but since she managed to break into my home…she found it. I filed a sheriff’s report and talked with the detective. My sister also noted she stole money from my billfold too. Law enforcement gave her a lie detector test and she passed…..I guess most of you know they do pass these tests; ex; Ted Bundy.

    I confronted her and she was livid. I wanted the police to press charges and they refused. I was on my death bed and she figured I’d die and she would get her due regardless.

    I have NEVER given her a key to anything of mine. She stole gold jewelry and rings 2 years prior and I reported that too. I had just moved and when I was talking with my granddaughters, she went on the hunt. The detective talked with her twice about it and she did return 3 items…put them where I’d find them.

    Now, we have NO contact. She wouldn’t even let the girls get their Christmas presents from me. I am disabled and cannot do anything much. I just hope and pray the girls will be safe.

    It’s hard to let your own child go, but I know now she never wanted me as her mother. She wants to be totally free to wallow in her drama. She lies, steals, has taken my pills from me over the years….she even has a prescription pad…HOW? i have not clue. She is one sick individual.

    Another sign that presents itself in childhood is late bedwetting. My daughter wet her bed till she was around 15 years of age. Not everyone that does this is a sociopath, but it is an early sign. She was stealing at age 6. She has always lied about dumb things that make no sense. She wants to live her reality and rules mean nothing to her. It is heartbreaking to have a child like that.
    Her brother on the other hand is a decent hard working guy. He is spiritual and never lies.

    My heart breaks for those that have them as a parent or a father/mother of your children. It is harder when it’s your own flesh and blood. Hard to move away from that situation.
    I just pray and ask GOD to keep me safe. Seems it never ends.

    Blessings to all that have to endure such agony.

  2. They will never stop until they kill you.
    They will follow you out of town. They will turn anyone you care about and everyone around against you. They will never stop ever.